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MetInfo establishment of the station steps

Trial operation steps
Step 1: Register Space account
Register a user account, and receive a verification message to validate the account, if not received the verification message, please contact customer service;
Step 2: the opening of the trial space
Step 3: Upload the file
Upload MetInfo enterprise website management system installation files (such as compressed upload need to be online decompression), system files can be downloaded from the official site
Step 4: Open the database
Step 5: Install the Web Site Management System
Run free third-level domain to install the system (on-line help:,');
Step6: to quickly configure site [Video Tutorial]
  1. Site background login tutorial:
  2. Web site content to add tutorial:
  3. Online communication configuration tutorial:
  4. Static page set up tutorial:
  5. Template installation and configuration tutorial (a):
  6. Template installation and configuration tutorial (b):
  7. Template installation and configuration tutorial (c):
The official opening of the steps
Need to contact m extension information to pay the fee before
Step 1: Perform trial operation of all the steps
Step 2: positive space
Step 3: register a domain name
Step 4: DNS
Step 5: binding domain
Landing space management background, add the resolved space domain
Step 6: The website for the record
Step 7: opening the mailbox
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